What is it about horses that makes them so special as Master Teachers for humans? 


As herd-bound prey animals, horses are highly attuned to the environment within and around them. In fact, their very survival depends on the ability to sense subtle shifts in the energetic patterns of their herd mates and within nature itself. This internal alert mechanism enables horses to “feel” if a predator is searching for a meal and react quickly to a perceived threat.

This deep sensory awareness is also what allows horses to read and reflect back a human’s emotional state, providing feedback that illuminates behavioral patterns and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from leading the life you desire.

Working with an intuitive horse and a supportive coach, you’ll explore the areas in your life that prevent you from living the life you want, and overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from being truly happy.

The Experience for Individuals


In this experiential, highly interactive learning session, you will be part of a team of three along with your coach and a horse.


As you engage with your four-legged partner, your coach observes the interaction between horse and human, spotlighting body language and behaviors, and dialoguing with you about their meaning or relevance.

You will walk away from the session armed with new insights and discoveries that will provide the framework for getting what you want as well as action steps to begin your journey towards a more joyful life.

No horse experience is necessary, and all activities are performed on the ground.

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Horses as Master Collaborators

Within the herd lies a complex social hierarchy that is led by the horse who is most attuned to the other herd members and the overall environment. This is the horse who decides where to eat, when to move to a different location, acts as enforcer, and maintains peace and harmony. The herd often forms hierarchical sub-groups or teams, comprised of immediate family members or “friends” within the larger collective.

Interestingly, herd hierarchy is fluid; if the leader is not equipped to lead in that moment another horse will step into the role, changing the team dynamic. In that way, horses are highly collaborative.

The Group and Team Experience


Groups are made up of people with common interests who want to enhance their experiences together or establish and reach a common goal. Like in a herd of horses, the best way to achieve a desired outcome is not through force, but collaboration.

Coaching in a group or team setting is fun, informative, and highly collaborative. The horse provides immediate feedback on how you are communicating and collaborating individually and as a collective. The Group and Team Experience provides a fun and informative encounter for families, friends, and work teams seeking to set/achieve goals, enhance communication, resolve conflicts, or to identify and develop strengths.

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Horses as Master Leaders

Horses are naturally adept in detecting strengths and weaknesses in their herd mates. The chosen leader is not the largest, strongest or most dominant member of the herd, but the horse that has the deepest attunement with the environment, directs the herd to nourishment, and can best ensure the herd’s survival and perpetuation of their gene-pool.  Horses embrace peace and harmony, their energy reserved for fleeing from predators and sourcing food. An overly dominant horse is a detriment to the herd, as his drive to rule creates chaos, infighting and resultant injury which wastes energy, ultimately placing the entire herd in peril. Analogous to the horse world, effective human Leaders create a harmonic and cohesive work environment, have the clarity of vision to steer their co-workers in the right direction, ensuring that their company both survives and thrives.

*All equine activities are performed on the ground and there is no horseback riding involved.

Prior experience with horses is not necessary.


**Participants must wear closed toe shoes or boots. Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities. Programs can be customized to meet specific goals.

Do you know someone who would love this experience? Give them our gift card!

Give them a gift of experience they will never forget!

Get the gift card HERE. 


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