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Corporate Leadership and Team-Building Training

In an era of social change and technological advancement that is changing the shape of how companies compete, effective Leadership is more important than ever in driving business results.

Companies are seeking unique experiences that will help uncover their team’s strengths and interpersonal relationship dynamics in an accelerated learning environment.


Masters at non-verbal communication, horses can help identify your team’s leadership and communication styles, interpersonal skills and expose team dynamics.

Understanding your team through the language of the horse can lead to better conflict resolution, increased confidence, deeper trust among teammates, enhanced collaboration, and more effective communication. Often, the experience creates greater clarity of purpose and leader effectiveness.

You will walk away from the session armed with new insights and discoveries that will provide the framework for getting what you want as well as action steps to begin your journey towards a more joyful life.

No horse experience is necessary, and all activities are performed on the ground.

Horses as Master Leaders

Horses are naturally adept in detecting strengths and weaknesses in their herd mates. The chosen leader is not the largest, strongest or most dominant member of the herd, but the horse that has the deepest attunement with the environment, directs the herd to nourishment, and can best ensure the herd’s survival and perpetuation of their gene-pool.

Horses embrace peace and harmony, their energy reserved for fleeing from predators and sourcing food. An overly dominant horse is a detriment to the herd, as his drive to rule creates chaos, infighting and resultant injury which wastes energy, ultimately placing the entire herd in peril.

Analogous to the horse world, effective human Leaders create a harmonic and cohesive work environment, have the clarity of vision to steer their co-workers in the right direction, ensuring that their company both survives and thrives.

Within the herd lies a complex social hierarchy that is led by the horse who is most attuned to the other herd members and the overall environment. This is the horse who decides where to eat, when to move to a different location, acts as enforcer, and maintains peace and harmony. The herd often forms hierarchical sub-groups or teams, comprised of immediate family members or “friends” within the larger collective.

Interestingly, herd hierarchy is fluid; if the leader is not equipped to lead in that moment another horse will step into the role, changing the team dynamic. In that way, horses are highly collaborative.

What you can expect from participating in our programs:

  • Creating personal boundaries
  • Building confidence and empowerment
  • Developing creative problem-solving skills
  • Identifying leadership strengths and development needs
  • Identifying team strengths and how to best leverage them
  • Enhancing teamwork and collaboration among team members

*All equine activities are performed on the ground and there is no horseback riding involved.
Prior experience with horses is not necessary.

**Participants must wear closed toe shoes or boots. Accommodations will be made for people with disabilities. Programs can be customized to meet specific goals.

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